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    Camera Shaped Customized Photo Projection Necklace

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    Keep the good memory of your life
    Also a great gift for your friends and your family
    Our necklace makes for a great birthday, anniversary, holiday,

    How to check the photo
    Method One
    1.Open the phone camera software
    2.Align the convex surface of the pendant with a mobile phone
    3.You can see the contents of the miniature carving from the mobile phone, as shown in the figure

    Method Two
    1. Open the flashlight function
    2. Align the face of the pendant with the flashlight
    3. Project light shadows onto a black or white background, as shown

    Material: 925 silver
    Chain length: O-shaped chain 40+5cm
    Color: Silver, rose gold

    Package Content:
    1 x necklace