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    Customized Name Bracelet Eternal Love Magnet Staniless Steel Couples Bracelet

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    Show off the love you have for your partner with this unique set of magnetic bracelets for couples. Remember how much you love each other every time you hold hands, and you hear the click of the magnetic charms on the ends of your couple's magnetic bracelets coming together.
    Wonderful Gift Choice ā€“ The couple love bracelet makes for a great birthday, anniversary, holiday, or ā€œjust becauseā€ gift for special women and girls in your life.

    Material: Stainless steel
    Color: Silver
    Aļ¼šļ¼ˆoneĀ pair ļ¼‰:Ā Rope:Ā Ā Black;Ā Ā Ā CustiomizedĀ Area:Ā Golden
    B: ļ¼ˆoneĀ pair ļ¼‰:Ā Rope:Ā Ā Red;Ā Ā Ā CustiomizedĀ Area:Ā Golden
    C: ļ¼ˆoneĀ pair ļ¼‰:Ā Rope:Ā White ;Ā Ā Ā CustiomizedĀ Area:Ā Golden
    D: ļ¼ˆoneĀ pair ļ¼‰:Ā Rope:Ā White+Black ;Ā Ā Ā CustiomizedĀ Area:Ā Golden
    E: ļ¼ˆoneĀ pair ļ¼‰:Ā Rope: Red+Black ;Ā Ā Ā CustiomizedĀ Area:Ā Golden
    F:Ā ļ¼ˆoneĀ pair ļ¼‰:Ā Rope:Ā Ā Blue;Ā Ā Ā CustiomizedĀ Area:Ā Golden
    G: ļ¼ˆoneĀ pairļ¼‰:Ā Rope:Ā Ā Wine red;Ā Ā Ā CustiomizedĀ Area:Ā Golden
    Package Content:
    1 Pair of BraceletĀ